What to expect when working with me...

In today's fast paced, social media driven world, quality imagery - or animation - really is the key to capturing your audience's attention. Working with a photographer like myself can help transform your content, making it stand out from your competition and leave a lasting impression! When working with me I follow the process below, ensuring clear and open communication so you know what is happening every step of the way.

Berry Cake repeating pattern - Natalie Mewing Photography

Initial Inquiry

Please fill out your details (found on the Contact page) introducing yourself & a general overview of the services your require. From here, I will email you a link to complete a Client Questionnaire (or we can schedule in a phone call). Please fill this out with as much information about your project as possible. I will use this information to put together a quote which will be emailed to you along with the Photographer's Services Agreement. After the quote and agreement are accepted, a 50% Deposit Invoice is sent - your booking is secure once the deposit invoice has been paid.

Veggie Burger Salad - Natalie Mewing Photography


Next, I commence the planning for your project. You will be sent a digital concept board which details the overall look & feel, shot list, selected props & backdrops and example imagery. Both you and I have the ability to edit & add to the concept board to ensure we are both on the same page before the shot commences.

Sweet Potato Fritters - Natalie Mewing Photography


Now the fun begins! After shopping for ingredients & preparing your recipes, I create each scene with reference to the pre-production concept board. The images are captured in my studio using professional studio lighting & camera equipment.

Muesli bowl - Natalie Mewing Photography


Once the shoot is completed, I edit & retouch the agreed upon number of images using professional editing programs. Editing techniques reflect a combination of the chosen look & feel for the project + my own unique editing style.

Next you will receive a link to view your watermarked gallery & at this point the balance invoice will be sent. Once the final payment has been received, the watermarking is removed & you are free to download the images at your leisure.

Product Photography

Food & Beverage Photography

Stop Motion Animation